About - memaddock

On this site you will find a small selection of my commercial, editorial work and including some personal portrait projects too.

I started taking photographs more seriously at 14 with an old Zenit film SLR, progressed to Nikons, developing and printing my own images. 

Trained in Computer Science and with a Masters in Statistics I carved a successful career in London, eventually as an IT Manager in a high tech engineering firm suppling simulation equipment to the main Formula 1 racing teams. Photography took a back seat during this busy time in my life, and after 9 years I decided to make a change, sold up, gave up my stable employment and moved to France. 

The iPhone then heralded a new chapter in my life. Falling back on my programming skills, I wrote several successful iPhone and iPad apps over 3 years. This success eventually gave me more free time and allowed me to get back to my passion for photography when I picked up my first serious camera in a long time, a Nikon D300s. 

Four years and 100,000+ images later, my photography has developed immeasurably, and took a big leap again when I purchased the Fujifilm X100. I now shoot almost exclusively with mirrorless cameras.  Fujifilm, Sigma and Leica.

I run a online magazine called PhotoMadd, all about shooting with the mirrorless cameras. 

My clients range from local companies to worldwide brands.

P O R T R A I T   P H O T O G R A P H Y

I specialise in taking environmental portraits for both private and commercial clients.  I prefer to work on-location and have fully portable studio gear that can operate in any environment, including locations without mains power.

I like my portraiture work to tell a story and create an certain context surrounding the face in the image rather than the usual plain studio setting.

C O M M E R C I A L   P H O T O G R A P H Y

I pride myself in creating unique high quality images for all your commercial photography needs, be that simple studio product photographs or more involved lifestyle images for advertising and marketing.  Print and digital images can be supplied. Get in touch with your needs and we can discuss your project. 

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