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Get in touch with any questions or queries

by e-mail : matt@mmaddock.co.uk

by phone : +44 (0)7749 015 139

I specialise in interior photography for property and commercial use.

My images are mainly used for the promotion property, for both sales and the holiday rental markets.  Clients include estate agents, private individuals managing their own letting properties, AirBnB, booking.com and many others.  I am based in the Lake District, and much of my work comes from there, but I do travel to anywhere a client needs, nationally or internationally.

Each area of photography requires a specific skill set and it takes time and experience in each area to master.  I have concentrated my skills in becoming the best interior photographer possible and have honed my skills in over 4,000 properties to date. This have given me a vast amount of experience within this particular speciality, having photographed every type of interior from caravans and motorhomes right through to multi-million pound mansions.  Using the knowledge and experience gained I am able to asses and shoot a property with minimal intervention, and maximum effect in an efficient and effective manner, often saving clients money over someone less experienced who may either take longer to shoot the property, or make costly mistakes.

I would say that my job is not a photographer, my job is to provide you with what you need to increase revenue through faster sales, more bookings, higher prices, and I choose to do this through the medium of excellent photography.  AirBnB's own statistics show a typical increase of 24% in bookings and potentially a 26% higher nightly price simply from having professional photographs in your listing.

My clients range from local companies to worldwide brands, shooting anything from entire hotels and holiday let portfolios, to individual rooms for various trades, interior designers, architects, builders, decorators, plumbers, and electricians to promote their work.

I shoot with the latest digital cameras using a combination of natural and flash light to produce the best possible image for my clients depending on their needs and budget.

I am also a qualified and CAA licensed drone pilot with full legal permissions for commercial operation within the UK.


Please contact me for exact pricing as each job will be quoted for on an individual basis.  As a guide a typical 2-3 bed property costs in the region of £100-200 for a package of shots.  Guest houses and hotels are typically charged in the region of £50 per room.

A bit about me and my background

I started taking photographs seriously at 14, developing and printing my own images in the film days, but professionally I trained in Computer Science and later a Masters degree in Statistics.  I carved a successful career in London, travelling around European offices and eventually as an IT Manager in a high tech engineering firm manufacturing simulation equipment to Formula 1 racing teams . During this time photography always remained part of my life and on leaving London I decided that was where I wanted to focus.  Since then I became heavily involved within the photography trade, and have been brand ambassadors for two major camera and lens manufacturers, Fujifilm and Sigma.

My own personal photography work mainly revolves around the use of creative flash lighting and amazing locations to produce a series of exciting creative images.  I have also run many workshops teaching other photographers about flash photography.

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